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Italian cuisine is more than just spaghetti and meatballs; it is a rich and complimentary blending of the diets of the traditional world. Typically associated with Italy and a staple of Italian cuisine, pasta was likely only introduced there during the Arab conquests of Sicily . Italy adopted it as its own, as Naples proved to have the perfect climate for growing durum wheat, used to create semolina and dried pastas. Another common component of pasta dishes, the tomato, came to Italy with Spanish explorers from Mexico , and was called “pomo d’oro”, golden apple, because of its yellowish color. And pizza, delicious every way it comes, can be traced back to nearly 1000 BC, when focaccia, pizza without tomatoes, came to Europe from Asia . A form of pizza was also eaten by the Greeks, who ate their flat, round bread with a variety of toppings. And though they were enjoyed by cultures the world over, it is the Italian chef that takes these basic staples of traditional diets and creates dishes that delight and satisfy, blended to tantalize the most discriminating of tastes.

It is with an eye on tradition that we create our dishes at Atlantic Pizzeria- the tradition of using the basic to create the extraordinary. With our emphasis on homemade cuisine, from the breads to the sauces to the deserts, you’ll know you are enjoying the spirit of Italian cooking, an ocean away from Italy.

Let our family

treat yours to a dining experience

they won’t forget!


A family tradition…

Serving delicious, homemade Italian cuisine in Italy since 1966, and continuing the tradition in the United States since 1989, Atlantic Pizzeria and scrumptious cuisine are a Napoli family tradition. With the whole family pitching in, the result is a menu with a great deal of variety to please even the most discriminating of tastes. Our food is prepared with the tradition and values of Italy , and inspired by our family’s love of creative and delicious meals. Every dish is enhanced with the perfect combination of sauces and seasonings, from our specialty sopressata to zuppe di pesce. We cure our meats on site, and combined with fresh roasted peppers, homemade mozzarella, and perfectly sautéed broccoli rabe, our paninos, facaccia and wraps are the best on this side of the Atlantic . For a fast and filling meal, our specialty pizzas are sure to satisfy, or enjoy homemade gnocchi with pesto sauce, a personal favorite of the family. Whatever your preference, whatever your needs, Atlantic Pizzeria is a fantastic choice for the whole family, for every event.

We Accept All Major Cards: We Accept All Major Cards